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Trey Bonham Commits to VMI

Trey Bonham has decided to continue his basketball career at VMI Virginia Military Institute. Trey has the ability to lead a team as a Floor General and create for others. Coach Dan Earl and his staff will be getting a player that can play on all levels on the court.

Trey’s Dad Robert Bonham Q&A About Trey

Q: How does it feel to have your son play D1 basketball?

A: it feels great to see him happy. A lot of people ask me am I proud of the way he plays. Pride isn’t quite the right word to describe it. I ENJOY seeing him excel in something he’s interested in. But I would get the same enjoyment from a good performance if he played the piano, or was into robotics. What’s important to me is that he succeeds in what HE chooses to do.

Q: say something about Trey.

A: I’m just excited he is realizing a dream of his which is to play college basketball. He has really been blessed in his athletic career, and he has taken the whole family and everyone in his corner, along with him on this journey. And I’m anxious to see what  the next chapter will bring.

Q: speaking on his recruitment.

A: throughout this journey, we have had the honor to meet some great coaches and visit awesome schools. The hardest part was turning down offers because him and I had really felt close to some of the coaches. But I gave him my opinion and helped him weigh his options, but ultimately he chose on his own. And that was important to me that he choose, because it is his life to live.

Q: What am I looking forward to next?

A: Trey wants to go out with a bang at UMS-Wright! A state title, 4A Player of the Year, and going for 2,000 points in his career are all goals we have set. Then, our focus will change to get him ready for college. SOCON Freshman of the Year is what we are shooting for.


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