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  • Heather Ellis

    Heather is a player that can shoot from anywhere on the court and is a great ball handler. Has the speed...

  • Mattisyn Toson

    Mattisyn is a real Floor General that creates for others and can knock it down from behind the arch. This kid...

  • Kentrell Parker

    Kentrell is a speedy guard and plays at both ends of the court. This kid is aggressive and gives 110% the...

  • Darelle D.J. Brown

    This kid has a good upside, he has lighting quick speed and hands. Darrell can blow by a defender at a...

  • Elsie Harris

  • Leyton Owens

    Leyton is a Floor General that can create for others and for himself, a very consistent player, has quickness to go...

  • Haleigh Graham

    Haleigh has the skills to be a PG on the collegiate level. With her quickness, aggressiveness and shooting ability she would...

  • Jamira Pugh

    Highlight from 2018 Season

  • Quinton Smith

  • Juwan Yelding

    Highlights from 2018 Summer Season

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