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Can some College & High School Sports Play in A Bubble

Covid-19 has the Sports World on lock down throughout the world and the question is will there be sports this coming Fall Season. Many Fall Sports Programs have started pushing back the start of their seasons, in hopes of possibly playing their respective sport.

There are several College Conferences and High School Associations who have yet to come up with a plan of attack to play sports during this pandemic. One thing that really hasn’t been talked about can college and high school sports be played in a bubble.

The NBA, WNBA and MLB have all setup a bubble to start getting ready for their season. Yes it cost plenty of money to succesfully create a sports bubble. Now playing football and still trying to practice social distancing will be pretty much impossible since it is a contact sport. Will colleges and high school officials even consider creating a sports bubble?

The sport of basketball has the NBA and WNBA sports bubble as an example to go by to play safely. Officials in charge will probably say we don’t have the money to create a bubble, that’s where sponsors and individuals with the means to support high school sports can contribute. At the college level we know the NCAA has plenty of money to tap into.

Just to take it a step further, for basketball let’s take it back Rucker Style and install outdoor courts with an addition overhead cover added. That is if basketball will be moved from the winter season. A great example of that has been The Icons Sport Summer Basketball Exposure League. Where kids of different age groups play against each other following COVID-19 Guidlines from the state on an outdoor court. Only players are allowed inside the gated court and media.

The Icons Sport Summer Basketball Exposure League

Now Dr. Anthony Fauci NIAID Director (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) thinks a sports bubble could work if the right conditions are met. Dr. Fauci also said sports could be played in empty venues with teams quarantined in hotels between games and practices.

So how bad do we really want sports and are the powers that be willing to risk the safety of athletes. TO BE CONTINUED…


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