Orange Beach, AL (BDS) – Goode Elite Prep 2021 Football Season is just around the corner and fans are ready for the action. Goode Elite Prep was founded by Chris Goode and if that name sounds familiar, he played for the Crimson Tide as well as the Indianapolis Colts.

Ballin Down South Sports Network will be broadcasting Goode Elite Prep Football on their network. Fans will be able to watch games on their mobile devices, pc and at home on their television. Ballin Down South has partnered with TKDS Sports to bring sports directly wherever fans are.

Goode Elite will start the season playing the Georgia Knights out of Georgia on August 29th but their first home game will be against Northeast Georgia Prep. Where to get your livestream pass will be released very soon and this is something you don’t want to miss. Ballin Down South can get Goode Elite Prep Football in restaurants and businesses with a commercial viewer account for your televisions. Stay tuned for more information…



Ronald Wallace

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