Baldwin-Mobile County , AL – Sports Media Outlets ask yourself why not cover female sports. This year of 2022 has been the year for female power, in the sports world etc. Throughout the United States female sports hasn’t gotten the same attention as male sports. Could the reason be that female sports isn’t as exciting as male sports like basketball, I beg to differ. I have watched female basketball games from high school to the WNBA and the games have been awesome.

There are female games that are better to watch than male games, plenty of talent on floor from the ladies. Many female athletes want the same exposure when it comes to their sport as well. We the media have the opportunity to do our part to keep women sports in the conversation by covering it. Covering these sports draws awareness and attention to female sports. Some media outlets believe that covering female sports is a waste of time and isn’t valuable. I’m watching the WNBA while writing this article and they are hooping.

Just last week here in my area Ballin Down South hosted a Volleyball Media Day for Baldwin & Mobile County High Schools, which has never been done for the sport of high school volleyball. Local media outlets and sports writers were invited to each of the Media Days, but no one showed up to cover the event. Yes high school football is about to start as well and media outlets showed up for those media days. There are female athletes looking for the same exposure that their male counterpart receives.

So let’s ensure we cover female sports as well to ensure we leave no one behind.



Ronald Wallace

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